About me

I am a design-behavior social scientist and educator.  My focus is children-, health-infused-, + life-long-learning places and spaces.  Be it home, childcare, childbirth settings, hospitals, schools, libraries, gyms, museums, aquariums, zoos or parks, it is my passion to conceptually design authentic, child-centric spaces and to research what makes them so.  I bridge the gap between evidence-based design research and the applied design process.  I’ve completed a Master’s degree in Design & Human Environment; Interiors at Oregon State University, with a minor in free-choice learning and human development and family sciences. I am a PhD candidate – all but conferred (thesis passed by outside review Jan 2016) with the University of Technology Sydney. My current research is a short-term focused video-ethnographic exploration of the experiences of childbirth supporters, as influenced by birth unit design. I learn about attention restoration theory, salutogenics, symbolic interactionism, neuroscience and all things environment-behavior. My name is J. Davis Harte (with an emphasis on the ‘Davis’). Contact me here or at j.davisharte@gmail.com.


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