:: on the radio ::

Last month I had the good fortune to be interviewed for the Think: Health radio program on the community radio station

2SER-FM 107.3


Also included in the show are my supervisor and the lead for the Birth Unit Design research project, Maralyn Foureur, fellow PhD candidate Athena Hammond, as well as a guided tour of a newly remodeled birth unit (based on the principles from the Birth Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool – BUDSET) by Michael Nicholl – Clinical Director for the Divison of Women’s, Children’s & Family Health at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Have a listen to our collective work – the producer who hosts the show, Ellen Leabeater even calls it pioneering, which feels quite flattering.

-•- Birth Unit Design radio show on 2SER-FM 107.3 -•-

My bit starts at —>> 25:14 <<—

Alternatively, you can listen to my interview in its entirety

—> HERE <—

Let me know what you think.

Until then, happy space, place and meaning making, my mates.



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