Welcome to that intimate moment when a blog is started.  Here I am, putting word after word together with a focus on my passions: designed spaces for moms, babies, families & people who learn lifelong and children. Especially children. May the act of writing publicly help me find the deeper clarity and thought-space necessary to help activate real transformation in our built environments.

Tui with mom when they looked after each other, Oct 2014. Kiwi and I traveled to Philippines – as a duo.

I find it apt that this blog begins on the birthday of my mother – 75 years of living today. Happy birthday Mom! She had plans to travel to Spain and Portugal, being a person who likes to join others on group tours and “be a tourist”, something about which she is proud.  This is a joy my mom anticipates in the midst of each cold New England winter. This winter, Mother Nature had other plans. A blizzard has cancelled her trip. Not that enough snow had fallen quite in time, but alas.

When her granddaughter “Tui” and I call to sing her happy birthday, she was not despairing or even weeping. She had already rescheduled her bridge-game presence next week and baked herself a chocolate cake with peppermint frosting.  My dad offered to go out into the snow to get her some candles, but she didn’t need that.

Five year old Tui likes to say, “You have to deal with the deal”. My mom has always kept her chin up and kept on keeping on, steadfastly exuding her light into the world. She began me, with the help of dad and now I begin a blog to think as deeply as my time and mind permit, about how the space we inhabit, intentional or not, helps shape and mold who we are moment by moment.  Happy Birthday Mom! Happy birth-day •paradigm__spaces• blog and work.

ouroboros — just a closing thought – to inspire for next time –



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